Naam: Joey van de Noort

Geboortedatum: 13-11-2001


loon op zand 1920x1080

When Joey (12) was 8 years old , he saw the Winter X-Games on television and got directly inspired by the sport  , and asked his parents if he could try ,They took him to the indoor-snow facilities in the Netherlands and he loved it from the first minute on the board .
From there things started to move quickly as once he mastered the basics it turned out he had a lot of talent for the freestyle discipline of Snowboarding and from that he spent all his free time on the indoor slope and park en kept on improving
During the winter season Joey had the chance to practice a lot in the Swiss Alps and marked himself altough his young age as a result of  hard training to the level of an international freestyle competitor.
He proved his potential and his place among International snowboard cracks by winning several international snowboard competitions in the Alps and managed to get 5 Dutch National Championship Titles at the age of only 12 years old.
Joey is the fastest develloping Dutch youth Snowboard talent , a promise for Dutch snowboarding future from which we can expect that in some years he'll make his appearance in the Olympic Arena